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Half-Day Archaeological and Gastronomic Journey...
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Enjoy a unique experience that will leap you back in time nearly 2000 years to relive the ancient customs and tastes of the “Pompeii” of the past.A short walk from the archaeological site to caupona (from the latin - tavern) provides you a magical atmosphere to dine where you will taste the typical dishes of ancient Rome inspired by the recipe book of well known gastronomic of the Imperial era, revived in a modern way.The menu expects 3 courses that you can choose from chef's proposals: starter, first course or second course , dessert, water. Highlights: - Take a dip into the past and feel yourself an ancient Roman - Travel in comfort on board of our shuttle - Explore the most visited site in your own pace - Take advantage of the prepaid skip the line admission - Enjoy tasting of original ancient dishes in “Pompeian tavern” where you will be served simultaneously history, food and wine - Get dressed up in period costume if you wish to feel like a Roman

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